I haven’t written for this site for quite some time — and I could list reasons why, but I am sure it is of no consequence to any of you amazing followers that supported me so sweetly during my short time of publishing here.

I am happy to say I am actively writing again — when time and children allow — but not here.

My first and primary blog has always been Living Friendly, where I published a bit here and there about life and nature and my homeschooling journey with my two kids. I will be slowly moving all of this blog’s content over to Living Friendly so that I can, hopefully, manage all of my work more easily with it all under one umbrella.

If you are interested in hearing my thoughts on many topics ranging from Autism to Recipes (I will be posting my perfected Gluten Free Pancake recipe soon!), as well as my continued output of Creative Writing — I encourage you to follow me over to Living Friendly, and we can continue to be friends and supporters of one another.

I thank every single one of you that clicked the Follow button here and shared a bit of this journey with me.

I hope you all still continue to create as long as breath fills your lungs and there is rhythm in your heart.