My Last Year of My Twenties

Well, guys, it’s my birthday… I am 29 years old today!

Although I do my utmost to not get caught up in the arbitrary meaning of numbers attributed to how long one has existed physically on this lovely planet of ours – I do find myself a bit aghast at the prospect of being in my thirties at this time next year.

In order to fight the measurements of this thing we call time, and what this means to me in our society’s perception of where I stand in such measurements… I intend to try to make my last year of my twenties really count.

I want this next year to be a truly amazing one. I don’t want it to be spent like any old year.

I want to cultivate my passions and share them.

That brings me to you, friends. That is why I am here.

I am passionate about many things in life…but writing has always been my first true love. And strangely enough, I had set it aside for several years, thinking it was somehow not worth the time or TLC.

Finally I have found myself back in front of the computer or settled with fountain pen and paper with creative production in mind. I am finding the time (most days) to write, and I’ve got to tell you… I love every second of it.

I love writing, even when it’s not quite right. I love writing things that no one sees, and others that everyone can see.

I know how much I love the feelings I get when I really connect with someone else’s writing, and I hope that at some point, I can stir up all sorts of emotions – good and bad – in others as well. I hope I can one day produce work that can connect with others.

So, here’s to my last year in my twenties and all our future pursuits together… To my Thirties and Beyond!