The Wounded

While walking alone
Amongst the bare trees
With dried tears
Upon my cheeks,
The frigid air burning my
Throat and lungs,
I meandered through
The quiet community.

I looked for nothing
Yet found so much
In the vulnerable forest.

Near a stream stood
The tallest, most Awe-inspiring
I had ever seen.

I peered up to the top
Of the Grand Old Tree,
Standing strong against the
Bitter winds
And the gray winter sky.

My eyes scanned the height of the tree
From top to bottom.

When I stared
Straight ahead I saw
The markings
Of thoughtless

Hearts and Declarations
Of Love
Littered the trunk
Of the Majestic Being.

I placed my hands
Upon the deep wounds
And transferred
All the healing thoughts
I could muster
Through my cold fingertips.

“I feel your pain as if
It were my own…”

How could such a
Beautiful Creature
Be harmed in such a way?

I laid my my cheek upon
The source of the tree’s
And tried to absorb its

I admired how it wore
Its wounds, its pain, its vulnerability
And yet did not seem
At all phased by them.

I detested the lack
Of benevolence and respect
In this World.

I stood with the tree
Until the stars came out
And my body was numb
With the cold.

I could feel nothing
Of my physical self
Except my Aching Heart.

Tenderly, I wrapped and bandaged
Its wounds with
The gray woolen scarf
From around my neck.

I bid my companion a sorrowful farewell
And I promised to return
To the place that felt
Like Home.

Stepping away,
I looked back
For one last look at
The Being I had felt closer to
Than any other.


Limbs of Justice

The Trees wept with the sky

Waving their arms in protest

As they watched in horror…

The smoldering ashes of progress

Spell out

The Injustice of the World.

“Our Brethren… Our Cousins…”

All gone for the jaded,

The misdirected,

The selfish retrograding gain

Of one species.

The privileged erect apes,

They claim

What is not theirs to own.

They devastate


What was never theirs to destroy.

Anger and despair

Surround every branch

And every leaf.


The Sentient Beings find the Calm

And hold their tongues

Against the well of sorrow.

For the Wise Old Trees know

The winds are getting warmer

And that one day

Justice will be served.